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Neteller is your wallet on desktop
and mobile.

With free Neteller account you can send money, receive money and upload funds with credit ⁄ debit card, bank account and cash via paysafe card.

Our Additional Benefits for Neteller Users

Regular Clients
WikiWallet Clients
Bronze VIP Status
After 10,000 USD within a year
Instant Silver VIP Upgrade
Silver VIP Status
After 50,000 USD within a year
Instant Silver VIP Upgrade
Monthly Cashback
0.3% Cashback
Customer Support
During Working Hours
Additional 24/7 Support
Verification Requirement
Have to deposit funds
No deposit needed
Verification Time
3-5 Business Days
1 Business Day

Neteller Overview

Neteller is widely used and secure e-wallet system that enables you instantly to send, receive money online and make withdrawals in cash or to your bank account or to your credit or debit card. Neteller is supported by merchants from gaming, trading, betting industry and e-commerce. It will be hard to find an online casino or betting site that doesn’t have Neteller as a deposit option.

Once you activate your Neteller account, you can use it in various ways:

Send Money Online

You can send money to another pal almost everywhere in the world

Receive Money Online

You can receive money from an individual person or from organization to your Neteller account.

Pay Money Online

You can shop products and services on the internet, bet on betting sites, trade on trading sites and play on gaming sites.

Use Prepaid NET+ Mastercard

You can use it as any other debit or credit card. You can pay on POS, online or withdraw cash on ATMS worldwide.

Neteller Registration

To enter the Neteller program, you need to register first. It is the first step forward to fully working account. To register your Neteller account you will need to fill out the registration form that will appear as soon as you click on the registration link.

As mentioned above, registration is only the first step before you will be able to use your Neteller account. You need to verify it as well. Verification is normal security procedure from Neteller.

After you registered your Neteller account, you can already sign up to WikiWallet by submitting your account details; such as Account ID and e-mail you used for registration with Neteller.

Neteller Deposit Options

Generally, Neteller users can upload funds to Neteller e-wallet through various ways – either from personal bank account (manual bank transfer from local bank or international), with bank deposit, with some of prepaid credit cards (Paysafe), with valid global credit card or even with crypto deposit (new). The first option is the less expensive one since Neteller doesn’t ‘charge anything for it.

Neteller offers various ways to deposit money, however deposit options differ from country to country. You will be able to check your options directly within your Neteller account or on our⁄Neteller homepage.

Neteller VIP Program

Neteller offers a special loyalty program for all active Neteller clients, who make a high volume of transactions to merchants within gambling, i-gaming, trading and e-commerce industry.

To gain VIP status with Neteller, you will need to reach a certain level of transactions within one year. This doesn’t apply to WikiWallet clients; they get instant Silver VIP status what is a huge benefit. To keep the VIP Status, you need to maintain or increase the amount of your transfers.

Instant Silver VIP upgrade for WikiWallet clients

VIP Fraud Protection - 100% money back with Neteller token

If your account has been appropriately protected, but you still suffer financial loss made by an unauthorized third party, you will get a 100% refund. Not only that you are fully protected, but also fully supported, if such event occurs.

Faster bank uploads

When you upload your money, your transfers will be prioritized, meaning that as VIP member, your bank uploads will be processed faster comparing to regular Neteller users. Regular time-frame for regular users is 2-5 business days, VIPs 1-3 business days, depending on the origin of the transaction (country, bank, etc.).

Higher limits on all transactions

with e-wallet or prepaid Master Card Better conditions for the limits you have on transactions you make with your Neteller account enable you to tailor it to your personal choice and need.

Reduced fees on your transfers

In case of VIP membership, you will save a lot of money. Lower the fees, more money you will save while being active with Neteller.

Additional Support

Neteller VIP clients represent priority at the Support section. Neteller policy is to to answer within 6 hours after receiving a request from VIP client.

VIP Account Manager

Gold, Platinum and Diamond VIP's can enjoy additional personal account manager that commonly communicates in their native language.

Reward Points

You can earn reward points simply by making transactions (Loyalty Points), furthermore annual bonus for membership (Anniversary Points).

Extra Protection for Neteller Accounts

Internet security is extremely important when it comes to personal information and money access. Besides regular protection (personal password, verification process), Neteller offers an extra layer of protection with 2 FA. 2 FA is not activated automatically; you can activate it whenever you decide to in your Neteller account.

As a Neteller user, you will use a verified Google dual-phase authentication system that works by requiring the input of an additional 6-digit code to log into your account. It is automatically generated in the Google app on a mobile device. The system automatically changes the 6-digit code every few seconds, so it's virtually impossible for a third party to use the code unless it has access to your mobile device.

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