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Neteller 2 Factor Authentication

What is 2 Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication (short 2FA or TFA) is a security tool for additional protection for your account. It is widely used among different web and mobile application for disabling unauthorized third parties to access online and mobile accounts. Since increasing digital crime and internet fraud internet security is raising awareness among the cyber society. Therefore, most online service providers develop and implement security procedures to protect user interests. 2 Factor Authentication is actually an extra layer of security that is also used for e-wallet accounts. Standard security procedures only require user name and password, however 2FA requires extra security input such as additional security code that is automatically generated on mobile phone app or elsewhere.

How to Turn On 2FA with Neteller

As a Neteller user, you will use a verified Google dual-phase authentication system that works by requiring the input of an additional 6-digit code to log into your account. It is automatically generated in the Google app on a mobile device. The system automatically changes the 6 digit code every few seconds, so it's virtually impossible for a third party to use the code unless it has access to your mobile device.

Steps for 2FA setup:

1. Log into your Neteller account

2. Find “Settings” section and click on the button

3. In “Security” section find Two-step Authentication and click on “Enable”

4. Enter your secure ID in the section for entry.

5. Select your type of mobile device.

6. Take your mobile phone and go to app store.

7. Search for “Google Authenticator” and download it for free

8. Scan the QR code that is presented to you on the screen in your Neteller account. If you can not scan the barcode:

  • In Google Authenticator, tap +.
  • Key type: make sure "Time-based" is selected.
  • In "Account" type your full email address.
  • In "Key" type your secret key

9. Once you scanned the barcode 6-digit code will be presented to you in the mobile app

10. Write it in the section “Authentication Code”

11. Write it in the empty space the authentication code your mobile app generated

12. A new pop up window will occur where recovery codes will be presented to you. You might use the recovery codes, if you disable 2FA or if you don’t have your mobile device with you when logging into your account. You should save them somewhere safe, such as hard drive or you should write them down. You will be able to use the codes ether to sign in to your account (instead 2FA code) or for disabling 2FA app.

How to use 2FA with Neteller

Once you finalized 2FA procedure, you are set up for using it. You can make an initial test to see how it works, because the next time you will need to access your funds immediately, you will fasten the process by knowing how to use it.

How to Sign In with 2FA

1. Sign in to your account by using your user name and password

2. Take your phone and open Google Authenticator App

3. Once you finished the first phase, you will be asked to enter the unique 6-digit code that it is automatically generated by Google Authenticator app

4. Enter the code into your Neteller account, into the space provided

5. If you filled the correct numbers, you will be successfully signed into your Neteller account.

*You should note that all sign up details must be correct (user name, password and 2FA code), otherwise you will be returned to the sign in form and you will have to re-enter all sign up details again.

How to use 2FA with merchants and online shops

1. Go thorough all transaction procedure as you would without 2FA, by registering or filling all required information to make the transaction

2. Prepare the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device

3. Enter 6-digit code into the space provided (merchant site or online shop)

How to use 2FA with merchants and online shops

There are many scenarios why couldn’t you access to your Google Authenticator app. You might lose the device, uninstall the app by mistake or need to uninstall it because you will move it to another device. Fortunately, you have a backup solution:

  • Disable 2FA Authentication with one of 10 back-up codes that you got when you enabled 2FA

You can use these back-up codes to log into your Neteller account or to disable 2FA. You should node that a back-up code can be used only once, therefore you got ten of them at the beginning. Once you use all of them, you should disable 2FA in order to receive them once more again.