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Skrill Prepaid Mastercard

Skrill MasterCard is a plastic card you can use at ATMs and POS. Contactless card is already available for some countries: UK, Bulgaria, Poland, France, Italy and Germany.

Skrill Prepaid Mastercard is only available to residents of European Economic Area, short EEA countries. Therefore, check if you have the residency within the area.

With it you can enjoy instant access to your funds and pay online or offline, wherever you see the Mastercard icon. You can access your funds via POS terminal, ATMs or through online payment platforms.

Ordering is fast and easy. You will receive it via regular post within 14 business days (3 weeks in total). Skrill Prepaid Mastercard is available in four different currencies: US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds and Polish Zloty.

It is suitable when you travel around, because it is widely accepted, so you needn’t worry about cash stock. It is acceptable over 2.1 million ATM machines worldwide.

If you wish to explore your options as Mastercard holder, please visit the website Pricless Cities which is especially designed for Mastercard community. You will learn where you can use your Mastercard.

You should note that with Skrill Prepaid Mastercard you have the same available balance as with Skrill eWallet account. It is not a credit card, therefore the amount of your available funds cannot be exceeded.

Skrill Prepaid Mastercard Fees&Limits

Skrill VIP and WikiWallet clients can enjoy more exclusive deal than regular users because of the Skrill VIP program that has been specially created for those who are highly active when using e-wallet. As you may see in the table presented below, there are enormous differences in fees&limits for normal and for VIP users.

Daily POS limits can be more up to 3 times higher than with regular users, Daily ATMS limits can be up to 5 times higher and FEES for ATM withdrawals and prepaid card application ⁄ replacement ⁄ annual fees are free of charge for Skrill VIP clients. Furthermore, FX fees vary up to 2%.

Regular way:

You have to make at least 6,000 EUR transactions to reach Bronze VIP level

Fast way:

You have to create WikiWallet account and get instant Silver VIP status without any other effort

Skrill Status Daily ATM Limit ATM Fee Daily POS Limit FX Fee Replacement Fee Annual Fee Application Fee
Regular 900 EUR 1.75 % 2,700 EUR 3.99% 10 EUR 10 EUR 10 EUR
Bronze Vip 900 EUR 1.80 EUR 3,000 EUR 3.79% Free Free Free
Silver Vip 1,500 EUR Free 3,000 EUR 2.89% Free Free Free
Gold Vip 3,000 EUR Free 5,000 EUR 2.59% Free Free Free
Diamond Vip 5,000 EUR Free 10,000 EUR 1.99% Free Free Free
WikiWallet User 1,500 EUR Free 3.000 EUR 2.89% Free Free Free

Skrill Prepaid Mastercard Order&Activation

You need to activate your Skrill account first and log into. Find Skrill Prepaid Card tab in your account and order the card. Prior to order make sure you have the right shipping address and currency.

Once you receive it via regular post, you will need to activate your Skill card simply by going into your account, click on Skrill card and then fill requested details to complete the activation. Pin number is generated automatically online once you activate it.

Afterwards everything works pretty much the same as with other prepaid cards. Remember your PIN number and don’t disclose it to any unauthorized third parties.

Common Problems with Skrill Prepaid Mastercard

Despite the fact that Skrill Prepaid Mastercard works similar as any other prepaid cards, there are common problems such as payment rejection or that you wont be able to withdraw the money via ATM. If any of the before-mentioned problems occur, you should check:

  • You have enough balance on your account
  • You are making a purchase of allowed goods and services
  • There isn’t any temporary restriction on your card
If first two conditions are reached, you should contact Skrill support to check why your account has been temporarily frozen.

Temporary restriction or declined transaction is usually made because:

1. The price of goods or services you wish to purchase is greater that your account volume

2. The amount you wish to transfer is greater than your daily limit

3. You reached the daily limit of transactions allowed

4. Your card is not authorized for the ATM or POS where you wish to complete the transaction

5. Your card has been expired

6. Your card has not been activated yet

7. You incorrectly filled the card information via online platform

8. The provider‘s system has temporary outage

9. There is a suspicion of abuse of the card