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Skrill Verification Process

Once you have finished registration with Skrill, you have to verify your account.

Verification with Skrill is a necessary step before you get fully working Skrill account. Skrill uses the verification process to prevent misuse of personal data and the creation of fake user accounts.

You will be asked to verify your Skrill account after you register with Skrill. Without verification, your account is not activated and you wont be able to: upload funds, download funds, send funds and receive funds.

For completing verification process, you will have to provide required proof of evidence that will match with your personal data.

Registration and verification with Skrill is also important for joining WikiWallet program that includes:

  • Monthly bonuses
  • Instant Silver VIP Upgrade
  • Additional support
Need to verify your Skrill account? Verification for WikiWallet clients is the fastest and easiest way. You need to register with us first.

Skrill Verification for WikiWallet Clients

Among before mentioned benefits (monthly bonuses, Instant Silver VIP Upgrade and additional support), WikiWallet clients go through verification process in faster and simpler manner:

  • No initial deposit needed
  • Highest priority (verification notice within 12 – 24 hours)
  • Additional support from WikiWallet team

Skrill Verification for Regular Users

Despite the fact that Skrill verification process has been simplified over time, it is still more complex for regular Skrill users:

  • Initial deposit needed (min. 10 EUR)
  • Low priority (verification notice within 24-48 hours)
  • No additional support

Steps for Skrill Verification

Before we take you through a detailed step-to-step verification guide, you should note that for successful verification with Skrill you will need to upload some funds to your Skrill account, you will need to make a copy of your valid identity document and make a selfie while holding chosen document next to your face. To verify your address, you have an option to upload your utility bill, bank statement, council bill, school enrollment letter (less than 90 days old).

Regular clients will have to wait 24-48 hours to get confirmation e-mail from Skrill, once they finish all verification steps.

WikiWallet clients are on Skrill high priority list. Skrilll verification team will process your verification 2x faster than regular.

Total Skrill Verification Process:

1. Upload Funds
Firstly you need to deposit some funds to your account. It is the first verification step.

2. Verification steps

  • ID and selfie verification – You will be asked to upload your ID and photo of ID next to your face.
  • Address Verification – You will be asked to upload a utility bill, bank statement etc.
  • Positive notification from Skrill – When verification is fully completed, you will receive notification from Skrill to your registered e-mail address.

3. WikiWallet additional step
All WikiWallet clients should notify us by e-mail to complete the process of registration with WikiWallet (, in order to upgrade your account into Silver VIP.

1. Upload Funds

Before verification process, you will need to upload some funds. Otherwise, you will not be able to go through the verification process. As you see above, the account has a zero balance, therefore funds need to be uploaded either from the owner's bank account or from credit card account. What type of money upload is possible, you will be able to see directly within your account.

You can upload funds via:

  • Credit or debit card
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Manual bank transfer
  • Neteller
  • Bitcoin
  • Paysafe card
  • Fast bank transfer

2.0 Verification Process

To even start verification process, you have to access your Skrill account and go to “Settings” section and further to “Account Verification” section.

2.1 ID and Selfie Verification

Choose “Upload Photos” from the menu and proceed the process. You will require a copy of your valid ID and a photo of you holding your ID next to your face.

The system will lead you to the section where you will have to:

  • Choose your issuing country
  • Select ID type: Passport, Identity Card or Driver License

To verify your ID, it means that you will need to prove that your personal information you have provided when you registered your Skrill account match your personal information on your valid ID card, passport or driver's license.

How to make an appropriate copy of your ID

Before you pick the document for verification, check that it is still valid. Further, take a snapshot of the front and the back of your ID. It is extremely important that you do it correctly. Document should be fully visible (all four corners) and readable as well.

After uploading your ID document, you now have to upload a selfie of your face holding your chosen ID document next to your face.

To verify your account ownership, you will need to make a selfie while holding the same document in front of your face as used for ID verification. Maybe it seems odd, however Skrill team needs to make sure that every account belongs to its rightful owner.


  • Your face is in the center of the photo and clearly visible
  • The photo is not blurred
  • Document photo and ID information are visible (don’t cover the info with your fingers

Completion: After successfully completing the upload, you will receive and success message and can continue to any remaining verification steps.

2.2 Address Verification

Verification of your location is an additional step of the verification process. By completing this additional step, you prove that you are really present as resident in the country, you listed when you registered your Skrill account.

To verify your location, you have two (2) options:

  • By uploading your “address document” (utility bill, bank statement etc.)
  • By verifying your location with Facebook – NEW !

(!) Despite the fact Facebook verification is also available, we don’t recommend it, because of the technical obstacle therefore is not promoted by us.

Verification with the“address document” can be done by uploading one of the documents from the drop down menu:

  • Bank statement
  • Utility bill
  • Credit card statement
  • Council bill
  • School enrollment letter

To be sure you successfully finished verification of your address, make sure that a copy of your document is less than 90 days old, includes your full name and address, all four edges of the document are visible and all information is visible and readable.

2.3 Positive Notification from Skrill

When verification is fully completed, you will receive notification from Skrill to your registered e-mail address.

Once you successfully submitted your documents, you completed all verification steps. You can see it in the summary. However, this doesn’t mean entire verification process is complete.

What you need to do now is just wait to get positive notice from Skrill verification team. The same applies in case of any errors in the process.

WikiWallet clients are on the priority list and have to wait at least twice less long than regular users.

3.0 Additional WikiWallet Step

This step only applies for WikiWallet clients and it is necessary. In order to receive all our benefits such as monthly bonuses and Instant Silver VIP Upgrade, you will have to notify our team that your account is fully verified.

To make things less confusing, use our example below and send it to

Subject: Verfication Completed for Skrill ID: 547341

I have successfully completed verification with Skrill.

My account details:
Skrill registration email:
Skrill ID: 547341